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Volunteer in Tanzania Dar Es Salaam by deciding to embark on our Volunteering in Tanzania Journey of a lifetime. Unforgettable Tanzania Volunteer Program

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Teaching Tanzania Dar Es Salaam
Teaching Mate Tanzania Zanzibar
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Nurse Intern Dar Es Salaam
Nurse Intern Arusha
Nurse Elective Dar Es Salaam
Nurse Elective Arusha
Nurse Elective Zanzibar
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Tanzania Zanzibar Midwifery
Tanzania Dar Es Salaam Nurse
Nurse Assistant Arusha
Zanzibar Midwifery Elective
Midwifery Assistant in Tanzania Zanzibar
Midwifery Assistant in Tanzania Dar Es Salaam
Arusha Medical Elective
Medical Internship Tanzania Arusha
Dar Es Salaam Medical Internship
Dar Es Salaam Medical Elective
Midwifery Assistant in Tanzania Arusha
Volunteer In Tanzania Orphanage
Tanzania Medical Elective
Volunteering in Tanzania Dar Es Salaam
Volunteer in Zanzibar, Tanzania: Everything You Need in Details
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Volunteer in Tanzania Orphanage
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Nurse Student Elective Dar Es Salaam
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Dental-care Assistant Dar Es Salaam
Hospital Children Assistant
Child and Day-care job Dar Es Salaam
Eye or Optician Assistant Dar Es Salaam
Assistant Nurse Matron Dar Es Salaam
Assistant Nursing Matron Zanzibar
Teaching English in Tanzania Dar Es Salaam
Medical Elective Tanzania Dar Es Salaam
Medical Internship Tanzania Dar Es Salaam
Medical Physician Volunteer Zanzibar

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Volunteer in Tanzania Dar Es Salaam




  • Enjoy unforgettable medical volunteering experience coupled with unforgettable Tanzanian cultural experience.
  • Come and experience the difference passionate volunteers can make to lives of people.
  • See what the land of unforgettable experience and cultural diversity has to offer, while creating understanding and friendship with the local people.
  • Come and volunteer with us not for us, we are far more interested with your skills and desire to help than anything.
  • Experience unforgettable wilderness by visiting the Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Kilimanjaro to name a few.

KIVOLEX Volunteers

Kilimanjaro Volunteers Exposure (which we shorten to KiVolEx), is a volunteering organisation based in Dar Es Salaam, in eastern Tanzania. We are a non-profit organisation, aimed at improving the lives of all those in need in the local community. Specifically, we work with underprivileged groups such as women and children through providing the needed healthcare and services from our volunteers. Established to bring Western enthusiasm, expertise and passion to tackling some of the problems which affect the most needy in Tanzania. Our ethos is that you’ll be volunteering with us, not for us. We’re far more interested in your skills and desire to help than your money.

Volunteer in Tanzania Dar Es Salaam

Thinking of traveling abroad and do something rewarding? If so, then volunteering in Tanzania 2022 should be on top of your agenda. Volunteering in Tanzania, or alternatively, charity work in Tanzania will expose you to a new world. Whatever you decide to do in Tanzania related to work, whether it’s Internship in Tanzania or volunteer job in Tanzania, you will definitely cherish. It’s a fact that most volunteer in Tanzania Dar Es Salaam work projects have been dominated by youth. Youth volunteering in Tanzania has been rising steadily. As we are excited about this steady rise, we also encourage volunteers from other age groups to take part. A volunteer is any person at least 18 years of age and above who is will to offer services free of charge. Hence a volunteer in Tanzania Dar Es Salaam can be anyone above 18 years of age.

volunteer in da-es-salaam tanzania

The history of Tanzania and Dar-Es-Salaam

The history is a must know if you want to boost your volunteering experience in Tanzania. In 1964 president Nyerere late of Tanganyika, reached an agreement to form the United Republic of Tanzania with President Karume late of Zanzibar. These two countries were closely linked in their history and a distance of 30 km from one other separated by the sea. Eventually, after a period of negotiation, they were united and Tanzania was formed.

Sultan Majid bin Said in 1865 to 1866 decided to build a new town in an area called Mzizima. He then called this new town Dar-Es-Salaam. Dar-Es-Salaam means harbor of peace or a home of peace. The name Dar-Es-Salaam has been in existence up to today.

Volunteer in Tanzania Dar-es-salaam

To volunteer in Tanzania Dar-es-salaam is to volunteer in the countries capital. Dar-es-salaam is Tanzania’s capital and the economic powerhouse of the nation. KIVOLEX volunteer in Tanzania Dar Es Salaam projects are all located in Dar-es-salaam. We have a range of interesting volunteer projects that will satisfy your giving back desire. Our volunteer in Tanzania Dar Es Salaam projects include the following, but we can also customize them to suit your needs.

Moreover, the essence of all these programs is to help poor communities around the city of Dar-es-salaam. Volunteers should expect to volunteer in semi-urban communities of Dar-es-salaam city. Special qualifications or a degree are not mandatory to volunteer in Tanzania Dar Es Salaam. Hence, volunteers only need to have a basic understanding of English for them to make a difference in Tanzania.

volunteer teahers tanzania

Volunteer in Tanzania Dar-Es-Salaam Charity Work

Despite being a capital city Dar-Es-Salaam makes volunteering much more interesting due to its geographical location. Located in the Eastern south of the country around the cost of the Indian ocean, Dar-Es-Salaam is a get-way to so many tourist attraction. If there is a place in the country with easy access to almost all of the tourist attractions, then its Dar-Es-Salaam. In-fact Dar-es-salaam itself is a tourist attraction.

Moreover, the closest national park ideal for a safari drive is just 300 km away, the Mikumi National Park. While volunteering in Tanzania and on request we can arrange for you an amazing safari drive to blend your already gorgeous experience. Zanzibar, the Spice Island as it is commonly known is just a blink of an eye from Dar-Es-Salaam. It only takes 15 minutes to fly to Zanzibar and see what this famous Tanzanian Island has to offer.

Tanzania Northern Tourist Attraction

In addition to this, there is an easy connection to the northern circuit where the best tourist attractions are. Volunteers and interns can use Dar-E-Salaam International Airport to get direct flights to Kilimanjaro, Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Manyara, Tarangire and the like. The distance from Dar-Es-Salaam to Arusha is about 600 Km and it’s only an hour to fly. Tanzania is the only country that offers charity workers, volunteers, and interns an opportunity to do both works and explore its beauty

safari drive for volunteers in tanzania

Tanzania volunteer accommodation in Dar-Es-Salaam

Volunteer accommodation in Tanzania are quite basic but a perfect for those doing charity work or humanitarian work. We advice international volunteers not to expect luxury accommodation if you volunteering destination is Africa. Unless you pay for the hotel on your own expect basic accommodation. But the good news is that volunteers really enjoy these kinds of accommodation rather than the five stars.

There are usually two kinds of accommodation in our volunteer projects in Tanzania. These two ate volunteer house and volunteer home-stay accommodation.

Volunteer in Tanzania Dar Es Salaam house accommodation 

Here volunteers, interns, charity and humanitarian workers are all placed in a volunteers house. Accommodation is in a dormitory style and most beds here are in bunk format. This kind of accommodation for our Dar-Es-Salaam volunteers is preferred by those who wish to make friends from other countries. With this option, you get an opportunity to meet, sleep, eat with other volunteers from all over the world, hence make friendship. Young volunteers from colleges and universities prefer this kind of accommodation.

Volunteer house accommodation tanzania

Tanzania home-stay volunteer accommodation 

This type of accommodation is ideal for those volunteers who wish to learn about the local cultures and the way of life. It is always a good experience to learn about the local cultures. The best way to do this is to live with the local families. Volunteers are given this opportunity through the home-stay option. All our home-stays require to meet particular standards for our volunteers to stay. We inspect all home-stays before accommodating our volunteers.

volunteer homes-stay accommodation Tanzania

Steps to volunteering in Tanzania

Before you successful begin your volunteer in Tanzania Dar Es Salaam program, there are some simple stages/steps that you have to follow. Here I will list all these steps that you have to consider.

  • Select your preferred project and fill out our application form.
  • Receive a project acceptance notice.
  • Make your Initial volunteer payment.
  • Start preparing for your trip with the assistance of our dedicated staff.
  • Make your final payment.
  • Pack your bags and we will meet you at the airport in Tanzania.

Remember we advise volunteer to apply at least three months before departure, however, we can also accommodate a trip on short notice. The best time to volunteer in Tanzania Dar Es Salaam is during summer that is from late May to early September.

KIVOLEX volunteers have been helping volunteers, Interns, Charity workers, and Humanitarian workers find wonderful volunteer projects in Tanzania. We have been doing this close to 10 years now. If you want to give back and volunteer in Tanzania Dar Es Salaam please don’t hesitate to contact us and apply by filling our application form.


Where will you stay?


There are two types of accommodation available in Dar Es Salaam, Home Stay Accommodation and Volunteer House. 

Volunteer House 

The Volunteer House is a western-style house with 6 bedrooms (all shared accommodations with bunk beds). It has 2 bathrooms with western-style toilets and occasional hot water for showers. The house also includes one double bedroom, and this room is generally reserved for married couples. The house is safe and secure, with a security guard and a large gate. In the volunteer house, there is a cook who cooks the meals for the volunteers. 

(Please note that spaces in the volunteer house are very limited and can only accommodate 18 to 24 people).

Home Stay Accommodation

Living is basic but all the Home Stays have electricity and running water and accommodate volunteers in safe and secure homes (some rural home stays may not have electricity or running water during times of drought). All home stays have been inspected thoroughly by local staff and chosen because of their safety and security. Most volunteers love their home stays and feel that they get a more authentic Tanzanian experience by staying there.


Transportation within

We will provide you with reliable Taxi drivers phone number,which you could use in case you want to move around. However you could also use Daladala these are buses, public transport that most people use to travel locally on daily basis.  There is also an option of using bodaboda these are motorcycles that are used as taxis. Other volunteers choose to walk whoever if you also choose to do so like any other new environment we encourage you to be very careful with thieves and pick pocketing   


Visa and Permit

A volunteer is required by the government to pay for a Visa and a permit to be allowed to volunteer in Tanzania Dar Es Salaam. Kindly contact us for more information regarding this.


Midwives Associates!


Optician Assistant!

Typical day

In general, expect to work 4-6 hours per day. Volunteers usually wake up early, around 7 or 8 and have breakfast. After breakfast, their workday begins, usually somewhere between 8 and 10 AM.

 Your workday will usually end around 2 or 3 PM.

Although you will be expected to be at your work placement every weekday, the rest of your time in Tanzania is essentially left up to you to decide how to use it.

Your daily schedule may change, as well, so you’ll need to be flexible and ready to adjust.

KIVOLEX anticipates and encourages your desire for travel and adventure. Your time away from volunteering is open for you to decide your activities. You may decide to take advantage of the local culture and spend time within the community over the weekend. Otherwise, there is ample opportunity to explore Tanzania and all it has to offer. Long weekends can be taken to go on safari or to travel further afield to places such as Zanzibar, Dar-es-salaam, Kenya or Uganda. If volunteers wish to volunteer in Tanzania Dar Es Salaam over the weekends they can join local teams and visit other children organizations to spend time simply playing with and entertaining the children.

Tanzania is a big country full of exciting adventure. If you want to stay on in country after volunteering, we’ll help you arrange any number of trips and activities. You can go on safari through the Serengeti or Ngorogoro- which has the highest density of safari animals anywhere on earth. You can relax on the spice island of Zanzibar, taking in non stop sun, white beaches and clear blue seas. Swimming with dolphins, PADI dive courses, spear gun fishing, sleeping in hammocks strung between palm trees on the beach.. We like Zanzibar! If physical adventure is more your thing, Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest free standing mountain in the world is right on your doorstep. A five day climb, and nearly 4 miles high, with temperatures down to minus 25 at the summit, it’s not for the faint of heart, but it can be done, and the sense of achievement will stay with you for a lifetime. 

Free-time activities


Dar es salaam City Tour
Spend a day getting to know one of the greatest cities in East Africa.

Dar Es Salaam Zoo
Want to see all of the animals of Africa, but don’t have time to leave the city? No problem! Take our Dar es Salaam Zoo tour.

Mikumi National Park
Want to venture out of town and see some wildlife in its natural habitat?  Then come with us to Mikumi National Park which is alive with wild animals and birds.

Saadani National Park
Sadaani National Park is the only wildlife sanctuary in East Africa right on the Indian Ocean, and is the closest safari from Dar es Salaam. The bush meets the beach in Saadani and the wildlife is abundant making it an amazing day trip.

Zanzibar Day Trip 

This beautiful Island of Africa is one of Tanzania’s popular tourist sites. It has vibrant Islamic culture and beautiful white sand beach 



In order to join the program you need to be at least 18 years old on the program start date. There might be exemptions if you can provide the permission of your legal guardian(s) or if your are accompanied by your parents.

Language Skills You need to speak English (basic level)

Education Requirements Health or social care related disciplines at High school/University level

Required Documents CV, copies of certificates and related documents

Nationality Restrictions No restrictions. Helping hands from all over the world are welcome.

Time Commitment Your helping hand will be required on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 08:00 – 15:00.

What’s Included

Services by KIVOLEX Volunteers

Volunteer Program fee covers the following

  • Volunteer placement facilitation-full program scheduling and supervision
  • Pre-arrival support & preparation of your project/work placement
  • Airport pick up 
  • Orientation (usually begins on a Monday
  • Accommodation Room & Board (Breakfast & Dinner)
  • Housekeeping
  • Daily in-person availability of a local coordinator


  • $150 USD contribution to placement facility
  • Airport transport on departure (can be arranged)
  • VISA and PERMIT fees
Airport Pickup at Julius Nyerere International Airport
We do pickup of volunteers from Julius Nyerere International Airport Dar Es Salaam or anywhere else within Dar Es Salaam.

Living is basic but all the Home Stays have electricity and running water and accommodate volunteers in safe and secure homes (some rural home stays may not have electricity or running water during times of drought). All home stays have been inspected thoroughly by local staff and chosen because of their safety and security. Most volunteers love their home stays and feel that they get a more authentic Tanzanian experience by staying there.

The Volunteer House is a western-style house with 6 bedrooms (all shared accommodations with bunk beds). It has 2 bathrooms with western-style toilets and occasional hot water for showers. The house also includes one double bedroom, and this room is generally reserved for married couples. The house is safe and secure, with a security guard and a large gate. In the volunteer house, there is a cook who cooks the meals for the volunteers. 
(Please note that spaces in the volunteer house are very limited and can only accommodate 18 to 24 people).
Food & Beverages

You will be provided with 2 meals daily. Breakfasts generally consist of Chai (tea), toast, cereal, fruit and mandazzi (deep fried dough). Dinner usually sees traditional food such as ugali, chapatti, boga and irio accompany the meat and vegetables.
Internet Access
You will have to pay for Internet Access.
What’s NOT included?
Visa, flights, travel insurance or vaccinations are NOT included in the program fees.
Flight Tickets
The nearest airport is Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR) in Dar Es Salaam. We assist you to find cheap flights to Tanzania.
Travel Insurance
Going abroad is an adventure and it is always best to be prepared. Sudden illness or injury, cancellation or theft – a travel insurance for Tanzania provides security and is a plus to have.
If you are intending to volunteer in Tanzania Dar Es Salaam you should seek medical advice before starting your social journey. Check your required vaccinations for Tanzania.

Dates & Fees

Details on arrival

Our program run throughout the year but Volunteer arrival is usually Friday of every week and the program start day is Monday of every week. Unless there is a special arrangement. The arriving airport is Julius Nyerere International Airport Dar Es Salaam.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2 – 50 weeks

Program fees

Costs: Prices in USD
Length of Program Program Fee
2 weeks $570
4 weeks $880
6 weeks $1,280
8 weeks $1,685
10 weeks $2,085
12 weeks $2,355
Registration Fee $210
Additional Week $120


Past Volunteer Reviews

Martin C, United Kingdom. Volunteered in 2020

To sum it all up, it was a memorable and valuable experience, the rotation of work at the hospital was very nice; examination, scaling, fillings and extraction were among the activities we did. It was so nice to learn of the Tanzania dental clinic setup. Accommodation was very fine bedroom, food and bathrooms were all in good condition. Innocent our local coordinator is a very friendly and nice person. He helped us with almost everything and made our stay in Tanzania very comfortable. We also had a wonderful experience going for Safari and learning of the local culture.


Katie A, Australia. Volunteered in 2021

Loved my experience with KIVOLEX. I got to help out in the emergency department, pediatric/male/female wards and the maternity department of the hospital. I witnessed/assisted with natural births, as well as witnessed c-sections in theatre. The people at the hospital were fabulous, as was Innocent and Angel (at the volunteer house). The food was excellent, as was the accommodation. Lots of activities to do in spare time, I went up to Arusha to do safaris, and Kilimanjaro, and spent a lot of time with coworkers at the hospital. The only thing I didn’t enjoy was getting the bus to and from work – if you can organise a driver then I would recommend doing that. I would do this experience again, without a shadow of a doubt, and highly recommend it!


Heidi L, Denmark. Volunteered in 2021

The people at KIVOLEX are kind and helpful. My friends and I had a good time as KIVOLEX volunteers. It was my very first trip to Africa, and I would definitely want to go back. It was my dream to one day work in Africa and in exact environment KIVOLEX took me. As a nurse student I had not only a learning experience but also a working one, although supervised but at times they would let me practice as a nurse and get that feeling of being registered and licensed nurse. The hospital is a very good place to learn and grow as a junior nurse from abroad. If you are looking to learning and get experience in a different environment outside your comfort zone, then Tanzania is a place to be. Cardinal Lugambwa Hospital introduced to almost everything I wished to experience.


Sarah W, USA. Volunteered in 2021

This trip is a life changing and it actually made me believe there is a whole other world outside the United States. Life is completing different in Dar Es Salaam, everything about it. The food, the people, traditions and overall dynamics are different from the USA. At the clinic the kinds were wonderful; they changed me in several aspects. Kids with their parents visited the clinic for treatment but to see them having fun with a big smile on their faces was just wonderful. I integrated with these kids and created a very strong bond and I am so grateful for that. Recording their vital sign like heart beat, temperature and taking their weight was just amazing. I strongly recommend this trip to anyone who likes to deal with kids in a child and maternal health department of a hospital.