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Are you interested in the well-being and development of children in Tanzania? Professional Methods of Caring for Children Tanznaia at the International Volunteer Center allows you to teach, explore new cultures and gain experience working with children.

KIVOLEX offers affordable child care programs in Africa, Europe, Asia, Central America, North America, South America, the Caribbean, the Middle East and the Pacific.

Every year, thousands of people participate in our volunteer childcare program in Tanzania to help improve the health and education of children in disadvantaged communities. As a child care fund, we work with local childcare professionals to provide basic care and support to children who do not have these resources.

  • Choose from 41 childcare programs in 27 locations around the world
  • Work with social workers – no previous experience required
  • Experience in teaching, educating and raising children
  • Find an internationally recognized TEFL online course at a discounted price

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What to Expect from Childcare Volunteer Projects Abroad

KIVOLEX child care professionals provide support in a variety of settings. These include accommodation, day care centers, after-school programs and kindergarten programs. Volunteers are led by community volunteers and services vary from place to place, but generally include individual attention, counseling and training support, and daily activities.

These projects aim to support activities in underprivileged kindergartens and promote two-way cultural exchanges between international volunteers, children and staff.

The KIVOLEX childcare program Tanzania is ideal for those who are warm and compassionate who enjoy working with their children. She works closely with social services to meet the educational and emotional needs of children. Therefore, no experience is required.

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Why go abroad to Childcare Volunteer Project?

In many communities served by KIVOLEX, there is no limit to the resources and support that children need to succeed. With the help of volunteers, schools and kindergartens have many resources to give children a safe place to learn and grow. With a strong support network, children are more likely to live healthy and fulfilling lives. Plus breaking the positive cycle of poverty in Tanzania.

The effects of volunteering in Tanzania to raise children are huge. The benefit not only the children you care for but also many others. When childcare facilities are overcrowded, parents can go to work to earn a living. We are also creating a more open and diverse environment for future generations. For many children living in remote areas, this is their first time contacting people from other places. It is very important to come up with new ideas and English ones. We employ people with such skills, especially since many of these communities focus on tourism.

As a KIVOLEX volunteer, I believe we can raise awareness, open our children’s minds to new cultures and opportunities, and have a greater impact.

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