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Volunteer Abroad Tanzania


Improve Child Education, Public Health, and Community Welfare


Volunteer Abroad Tanzania



We have been a global leader in volunteer abroad for more than 15 years. Our model for international volunteers is built to facilitate the most impactful experiences where international volunteers can authentically become immersed in a community while providing meaningful development opportunities to improve the education and health of vulnerable children.

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Wanting to Volunteer Abroad Tanzania?

You have been thinking about how you can give time to someone older than you. I wonder how volunteering abroad Tanzania and how to know it will put a tick on all the appropriate boxes based on quality, sustainability, impact, sustainability and happiness.

If you are looking for something that really makes sense, a proven app with long-term effects, dreams and aspirations, come to KIVOLEX Volunteer.

In the last 15 years, we have successfully run overseas volunteer programs in more than 13 locations around the world. All the information, comments, training we have learned and the experience we gather will help us to keep improving and improving the software. In this way you can achieve common goals and have a measurable social impact.


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Volunteer Abroad with KIVOLEX

It’s time to contribute to overseas programs that leave a lasting impression. We offer a gold standard of global capital investment and safe, sustainable, trouble-free and life-changing projects.

We have connected more than 19,000 volunteers to their favorite international projects so that they can help us bring about real change in the world.

Find your best volunteer program designed for anyone who really loves:

Strengthen children’s education
Conservation of endangered wildlife
Provide essential medical support

As a foreign volunteer, you are fulfilling important responsibilities aimed at the long-term development of the community in which you live. We are here to help you promote the sustainable development of the United Nations in achieving its goals.

As your volunteer service approaches another country, you too feel a sense of belonging during your travels. You will learn new skills to make your profile and friendship lasting in life. By keeping your safety at the heart of everything we do, we allow you to focus on those positive results.

As leaders of Volunteer Transport, all of our volunteer work abroad follows strict ethical guidelines. This has enabled us to achieve an average level of reliance for over 15 years.

Making an international contribution to us is hard work, but it is an enjoyable, meaningful and unforgettable experience that will leave the world – and you – much better!

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