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VOLUNTEER TANZANIA offers volunteer in Tanzania orphanage program and childcare projects in Tanzania. Our Volunteer in Tanzania orphanage Program in Dar Es Salaam and Arusha Tanzania invites people from all over the world to participate in life-changing projects in Tanzania.

volunteer in Tanzania orphanage

Central duty in Volunteer in Tanzania orphanage program is to bring happiness and faith to the lives of orphans and vulnerable children in the program and to support the daily lives of local staff.

Program Highlights

  • Enjoy unforgettable medical volunteering experience coupled with unforgettable Tanzanian cultural experience.
  • Come and experience the difference passionate volunteers can make to lives of people.
  • See what the land of unforgettable experience and cultural diversity has to offer, while creating understanding and friendship with the local people.
  • Come and volunteer with us not for us, we are far more interested with your skills and desire to help than anything.
  • Experience unforgettable wilderness by visiting the Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Kilimanjaro to name a few.

Our Volunteers in Tanzania orphanage program and childcare programs in Tanzania can care for children free of charge, organize arts, crafts and sports activities, and support basic household chores such as feeding the children and folding clothes. In infant care centers and our volunteer in Tanzania orphanage program, volunteers help children in their daily lives, playing, concentrating and teaching English to older children.

Project Attractions:

  • Prepare tea and prepare the children for school
  • Upkeep local school curriculum and teach English for 3-4 hours a day
  • General games, arts, sports, picture books and music events
  • Plan extra fun activities for kids
  • Preparing banquet

With poverty circling around, these volunteer in Tanzania Orphanage programs can be very interesting, but by getting involved, you can help and receive proper training and support. you are not alone. Volunteers from all over the world can help.

Volunteers interested in the Volunteer in Tanzania orphanage Program in Tanzania must submit a CRB check for participation. This is a life-changing volunteer event for anyone looking for summer vacation, professional leave, year gap, or volunteer vacation at day care centers and Volunteer in Tanzania orphanages program.

About Children of Tanzania

In the case of Tanzania, poverty is widespread and is overall a major vulnerability factor in preventing many children from accessing education, though free primary education has greatly increased school participation. A comparison of school attendance data from the 1996 and 2007 Demographic and Health Surveys revealed that, in both years, the proportion of children in the poorest households who were out of school was higher than those in the richest households (Lewin & Sabates, 2011).

Moreover, in 2007, children in the poorest households who did attend school were more likely to be overage than children from the middle and highest wealth quintiles. Over the past two decades, international agencies and policymakers have posited that due to the lack of parental care, orphans in sub-Saharan African countries face numerous disadvantages, especially in terms of educational access (UNICEF, 2006a).

Orphanages in Tanzania

However, in Tanzania, very few have found conclusive evidence that orphanhood alone is associated with lower educational access (Smiley, et al., 2012), a finding that is often explained by the existence of a strong extended family safety net as well as a plethora of services provided to orphans. A comparative study of 10 sub-Saharan countries, including Tanzania, found that orphans systematically have lower school participation than non-orphans (Case, Paxson, & Ableidinger, 2004).

Within the DHS 1999 Tanzania dataset, Case et al. (2004) found that after controlling for age and gender of the child between the ages of 6-14 years, orphans had 8.4 percentage points lower school enrollment than non-orphans. The study also found that all children living in households headed by non-parental relatives or non-relatives are less likely to attend school but orphans living in these households were worse off than non-orphans.

Project Area:

Arusha is a city in northeastern Tanzania and the regional capital of Arusha, located at the foot of the Mount Meru volcano. It is the gateway to the highest peak in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro, approximately 100 kilometers northeast. To the west is the Serengeti National Park, home to wildlife such as lions, rhinos, giraffes, and leopards.

This is an ideal volunteer project in Tanzania for someone who adore child and has a positive impact on his life. Most of the children in this Volunteer in Tanzania orphanage program and many other orphanage are in the age group of 3 to 16, which is a very suspicious situation, so they often fail to meet even the most basic requirements. Not only does this program give you the opportunity to work with children, it also brings you closer to Tanzanian culture and way of life. We will work with local staff to separate the center and consider issues that continue to arise within the company.

Some kids and locals speak English, but you can also help them with some local languages ​​- you can learn Swahili. There is also plenty of free time to relax and enjoy the culture and food. There are so many things to do and places to visit in Tanzania.

Volunteer in Tanzania Orphanage Arusha

Volunteer tour:

Gather your school friends and groups and start this amazing adventure! Discounts are available for 5 or more participants in this Volunteer in Tanzania orphanage  Program.

long-term volunteer activities

For more information about our many years of work in Tanzania, please contact us. We’ll tell you the best times of the year, what to pack, what extra medical care is available, and all the logistics to keep in mind.

Volunteer in Tanzania Orphanage Program Reception:

Volunteer Accommodations Indoor accommodation is provided by volunteers or homestays operated by local coordination groups. From Monday to Sunday, participants will be offered a three-day banquet (noon, noon, noon). Elegant and clean accommodation. Accommodations are divided into room volunteers based on “similar communication”. Wifi and hot water are not guaranteed.

Nearby residences include services such as banks, ATMs, cash exchanges, restaurants, cafes and shops. All destinations are approximately 10-30 minutes away from the hotel. Volunteers can be anywhere, so it’s a good idea to bring air and sleeping bags/pillows for weekend trips and adventures. Bathrooms are common. There is a lounge area for pickup, play and photography.

time requirement:

Our goal is to serve 18+ people from all over the world who love self-service and social experiences. Volunteers over the age of 16 are also welcome if there are groups of teachers or counselors over the age of 25. Volunteers under the age of 16 are only considered accompanied by a parent/guardian. Moderate physical fitness is required, but there is no maximum age limit. Dear family, welcome to them!


Visitors to Tanzania must obtain a visa from one of Tanzania’s diplomatic missions or online, unless from one of the countries whose citizens can arrive without a visa. All other non-exempt countries can obtain visas on arrival. Visas must be paid on an invoice of $50 or $100. Determine the delay time at the port entrance. Tanzania introduced an electronic visa system on 26 November 2018. You can connect to e-visa or visa blocked on arrival in Tanzania.

Volunteer in tanzania orphanage dar es salaam


To participate in the program, you will need adequate insurance to cover your shopping trip. To avoid flushing, you cannot legally walk without insurance. Up to 2 minutes. Make sure you are covered throughout your trip, from the day you leave home to the day you return. buy here now

Weekend leisure:

On weekends and evenings, participants are free to explore and explore the various flavors of Tanzania. We started a day trip and a weekend safari. Whatever your interests, there is something for everyone!

Arrival and pick up at the airport:

After booking and confirming your location, book your flight to Kilimanjaro International Airport in Arusha. A member of the Arusha-based local corporation will meet you on arrival at the airport. This airport serves many international airlines. Tanzania is well connected with the countries of Europe, Asia-Pacific, the United States and Africa.


Orientation and placement take place the next day. In general, volunteer training is a summary of the project mission, aspirations, community, and recommendations for the project website. Upon arrival in Tanzania, the project coordination team will demonstrate and prepare for the upcoming work.

Project details:

The Children’s Volunteer Program and Volunteer in Tanzania Orphanage program in give people of all backgrounds and ages the opportunity to improve the lives of vulnerable groups. As a volunteer worker at an orphanage, you will take care of your children and give them a safe and loving environment to play and live. Participants in our Volunteers in Tanzania orphanage program help staff to cook, prepare food, dress, feed and care for children.

VOLUNTEER TANZANIA offers this program in Arusha, Tanzania. Participants work with children in orphanages, nurseries or schools for disadvantaged children supported by VOLUNTEER TANZANIA. Our Volunteer in Tanzania orphanage program is one of the most rewarding opportunities, but it is also one of the most rewarding experiences ever.

Use this opportunity to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged children. By giving them the love, affection and affection they deserve. This option is open all year round, and you can choose volunteer hours to meet your needs. We are ethical and try to prevent ‘visitors to the orphanage’, so the minimum time to volunteer is four weeks.

To make the most of  this Volunteer in Tanzania Orphanage program, You need to be positive and able to create a positive environment for your child to live. You can often help with daily tasks or come up with ideas for English lessons, music, major sporting events, etc. You need to have fun, be patient, and be able to creatively plan your weekly schedule to keep your kids busy.