Teaching Volunteer Projects Tanzania

Are you looking for a rich study abroad program to improve your chances of getting an education in communities around the world and in Tanzania?

Every year, thousands of volunteers volunteer to study abroad with KIVOLEX in Africa, Europe, Asia, Central America, North America, South America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, and the Pacific countries.

Our Tanzania program offers Opportunities to gain valuable experience working with experienced teachers to improve English language learning, professional development and student performance, whether personal or beginner trainers.

  • Choose from 49 degree programs in 31 locations around the world
  • Work with a local teacher – no prior experience required
  • Teaching or additional activities in English, mathematics, French and other subjects
  • Find an internationally recognized TEFL online course at a discounted price

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What to expect from volunteer teaching programs Tanzania

Whether you want to teach English abroad for the first time or teach abroad without a degree, KIVOLEX has over 14 years of experience running the largest volunteer teaching program in the world.

Popular KIVOLEX volunteer training programs Tanzania are available in a variety of settings, including schools, training projects, community centers, specialized services and day care centers. With KIVOLEX, volunteer teachers can provide lessons with qualified teachers, other volunteer and self-employed people.

Working side by side with students and teachers from different cultures, KIVOLEX volunteers in Tanzania promote a two-way exchange, building multicultural understanding and international awareness within themselves and their students. Learn more about our volunteer teaching opportunities abroad on the websites below.

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Why study English as a volunteer Tanzania?

Access to education and the opportunity to learn English is very important in the communities we serve. Students are eager to learn and participate.

want to learn to teach English in tanzania? Many KIVOLEX teaching programs include materials for teaching students to read English. However there are 25 programs in Peru, Bali, Costa Rica, Ghana, Italy, Nepal, and many other beautiful places. Teaching English offers volunteer opportunities

These English learning programs help students improve their English skills. This creates more job opportunities and ensures a better future for local students in troubled areas.
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