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Medical Electives in Tanzania:- This Involves a process of giving access to medical students from other parts of the world to participate in practical training offered in Tanzania hospitals and Medical schools. Tanzania Medical Elective is a program that also focuses on medical students but moreover it also involves pre-medical students or high school students from International or western world to Tanzania.  There a lot of difference between doing  Medical Electives in Tanzania and doing Medical Electives in other parts of the world. Our Tanzania Medical Elective program treats every students in unique way, this programs believe every student is different and has got different requirements in terms of what he or she wants to a achieve in a specific Tanzania Medical Elective Placement.

Tanzania Medical Elective is more than just an Elective; it goes as afar as including adventure, tours and Safaris to make the most of Medical electives in Tanzania. Join us this year and get involved in the best Tanzania Medical elective program. Our local team on ground is ready to help you out and answer any question you have regarding your coming Medical elective in Tanzania. Whether you are Medical Student, a pre-med student or high school students there is always an ideal Medical elective program to suite your requirements.

Tanzania Medical Elective that is Designed by doctors… with your elective in mind.

Medical Electives in Tanzania are ever evolving and specifically designed by current doctors who were previously medical elective students in Tanzania.  We take their feedback as to what their ideal Medical elective in Tanzania would look like and aim to fulfill those visions for all of our future students.


Medical Elective in Tanzania

Tanzania Medical Elective Tailored to You


Our Tanzania Medical electives Projects work with both public and private medical facilities, clinics and Hospitals in Tanzania.  This allows us to offer an array of specialties and varying degrees of traditional hospital and clinic interactions as well as in the field community and cultural experiences.  


  • Surgery Elective.
  • Pediatrics Elective.
  • Physical Therapy Elective.
  • Orthopedics Elective.
  • Intensive Care Elective.
  • Sports Medicine Elective.
  • Emergency department Elective.
  • Pharmacology Elective.
  • Dental Care Elective.
  • Eye, Vision and Optical Elective.
  • Anesthesiology Elective.
  • Maternity and Midwifery Elective.
  • Laboratory and Radiology Elective.
  • Mental Health Elective.
  • Nursing Elective.



We structure each student’s elective specifically around their personal educational wants and needs, as well as ensuring we fulfil the academic institution’s requirements.  Our team is working closely with the Government to expand our speciality offering and offer elective experiences throughout Tanzania.


Tanzania is also become a very popular tourist destination and this has also positively affected our Medical Electives in Tanzania; Air France has resumed it operation and British Airways is also looking to do the same in 2023.  Due to this increased demand we have advised students to apply as early as possible and also secure a plane ticket.

medical elective tanzania

Medical Electives with Unique Local Opportunities in Tanzania


Facilitated by our local knowledge and connections, a unique component of our program  is the ability to participate in a myriad of community based projects in conjunction with everyone from local villagers to sports teams and clubs.  Tell us your interests and we will find something for you.  If you want to do a primary school health Checkup, want to do orthopedics with the local sports & jogging clubs and teams, we endeavor to make that happen for you. 



Do a Medical elective make a Real Difference in Tanzania


You can work on macro-level projects to address the overall healthcare issues in the country or tiny individual community issues but either way, you can play an active role in making a real difference to real people.  It’s not just educational; it’s truly immersive and valuable to the people here in Tanzania.  We want your experience to be unique to you and your interests and we work hard to tailor your program specifically to you.

KIVOLEX Volunteer has designed one of its kind Tanzania Medical Elective Program to offer International high school students and medical students who are interested in pursuing a career in medicine a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the medical field. This experience is designed to immerse students in the field of medicine, broaden their understanding of the types of medicine they could major and study, and validate their passion for this noble career path. It also gives the students an opportunity to see how medicine is practiced in another part of the world and to appreciate the global nature of medicine.

Tanzania medical elective Project unlike any other medical elective offered in Tanzania and all over Africa is unique in a sense that it offers hands on experience and real practical experience. Students get to feel exactly how it feels when they have finally reached professional levels of their medical careers. Tanzania medical elective doesn’t emphasize on students putting themselves into physician’s shoes because the program itself already put a student into practical experience of a physician. This is one of the reasons as to why most international medical students prefer to do their medical elective in Tanzania and Internship and this has also been a trend with Medical Internship in Tanzania

Tanzania Medical Elective Program Objectives

The purpose of the program is to expose students who want to pursue a career in healthcare to the realities of the career before they begin college and medical school or before they graduate from medical schools. Students who have attended past Tanzania medical elective programs have graduated the program with a strong sense of validation that they have chosen the right career path, while also understanding the hard work that will be required to be successful Medical Practitioners. Students will also come away with an appreciation of the culture and opportunities within the Internship or elective location.

Tanzania medical elective exchange program presents growth opportunities for the host countries as well as the program exposes students to the medical faculty. Students at past programs have expressed a desire to return to their host country in the future, either as tourists, employees or volunteers. Medical elective Tanzania also offers opportunity to demonstrate to local recruits what kind of programs the university or facility has to offer, and can provide engagement opportunities between visiting and local students.

medical elective tanzania

Experience Design & Target Audience

Tanzania medical elective program is designed for high school students and currently medical students who are interested in a career in medical field. We accept students who are ages 16 and above, though the majority are 18 and above. We seek to host 50 -100 students for each 2-week session of our medical elective Tanzania Program. The program should be scheduled between late January to November 2022/2023, every last two weeks of a Month, we are very flexible with dates and time hence contact us to learn more about when you could join the program.

The design of this Tanzania Medical elective program offers students the opportunity to experience a variety of medical departments during their 2-week session. Having physician mentors in a minimum of 14 hospital departments that students can visit would be ideal as it allows them to experience each rotation at least once during their 2 weeks, and some more than once. For example, we would like students to do 3 rotations each in the anatomy lab over the course of their 2-week session. Over the 2-weeks session, students should be in a medical rotation on all weekdays for 7 hours per day.


Students are broken up into smaller groups for their rotations. With a group of 100, we would break them up into 16-18 groups and have them visit different rotations on different days.

As part of this program, we would like students to experience 1) dissection on full human cadavers in the anatomy lab, 2) observing surgery in the operating room or observation deck and then debriefing with the surgeon and 3) visits to the morgue to discuss with the pathologist as he or she determines the causes of death. The other rotations should include shadowing physicians in any combination of other departments in the hospital, clinic, or offices:

  • orthopedics,
  • gynecology & obstetrics,
  • ER, pediatrics, etc.

To support the anatomy lab rotation, which students will visit up to 3 times during their session, the program would require several human cadavers, which the students can dissect with their group under the instruction of a physician.


Medical Elective Tanzania Dar Es Salaam

KIVOLEX Volunteers will arrange everything in this program including overnight accommodations and food for our students. We have Local, American other International staff to travel internationally with the students and act as chaperones during the program to ensure the students arrive to and from their rotations safely and have a positive educational experience.

Medical Fields covered by this Elective Program

Our Tanzania Medical Elective is wide and touches almost of the medical fields possible. The Hospitals that we place our students are teaching hospitals; hence these are big enough hospitals to have several major departments and fields. This Tanzania Medical Elective programs doesn’t cover only students interested in Medicine but also students who are interested in other healthcare fields like

  • Midwifery,
  • Nursing,
  • Physiotherapy,
  • Optician,
  • Dentistry and the like,

Kindly contact us and let us know what exactly you need and we will for sure work out to find something to suit you. Our Medical elective program in Tanzania is for all and we always try our best to have programs that cover the requirements of most students.

Tanzania Medical Elective Supervision

It has been a requirement for some Schools and University to require their students to be in some sort of supervision during the elective period. KIVOLEX Volunteers elective programs provides supervisors to all students attending these programs and if need be an elective report and grading can be offered by our local supervisor. We have also noticed that a number of students will also have their school of university’s supervisors who would like to be into with student’s local supervisor in Tanzania. Our Tanzania Medical elective program will accommodate that as well.

Imagine Tanzania Medical Elective Project

Tanzania Medical Elective program is an opportunity of its kind for all Students looking to experience hand on medical procedures as High School students or Medical students. The opportunity to experience medicine in practice while still in high school can be a life-changing experience for a future physician, and provides the University/Medical facilities exposure to high- achieving, motivated international students. KIVOLEX looks forward to providing best Medical Elective Tanzania Programs every year and improve on these programs as we move forward.

These Medical Elective Tanzania Programs play an important role in the education of medical students, enhancing their skills in areas outside the traditional curriculum, providing essential skills, improving student well-being, and choosing careers. This does not mean that the institution should replace conventional course content and options, but options do have measurable positive outcomes that help supplement common courses. .. Assistance to faculties and students wishing to undergo initial clinical training should be given priority to health institutions seeking to provide training to fully qualified physicians. Join KIVOLEX Volunteer’s Tanzania Medical Elective Programs and enjoy Unforgettable and magical Medical Trainings.

Note the Following before Embarking

Healthcare students in Europe or North America, the choice to seek Tanzania medical elective in Africa should not be taken carelessly. Shipping costs are high. Finding the right hospital can be difficult. We must consider health and safety risks, overcome language barriers, delay comfort and convenience. Students who overcome these obstacles will have the right temperature for the next stone road.

Visas, vaccines, malaria prevention, what to fast and what not to do, students and medical school returning on time can provide good advice on these matters. The advice here is sourced from the destination, not the continent; KIVOLEX has 25 years of experience in the teaching and practice of public health medicine and rural medicine in East Africa West and Center. Africa is a vast and diverse continent. So there are many options.

Hospitals in Africa

A prime source is a collaborative program between the University and Western hospitals and corresponding hospitals in Africa like what KIVOLEX is doing. This partnership offers an option for students who wish to do Tanzania Medical Elective. Other sources are located in many rural areas, mission agencies that tend to focus on community care and NGOs specializing in personal services (e.g. ophthalmology and plastic surgery) and experience as an organization. Honest communication with class presidents and other students who have completed question selections is a great way to determine if a particular position is suitable.

Final Thoughts on your Elective Trip to Tanzania

KIVOLEX is the right Organization to arrange your Medical Elective or Internship in Africa. With years of Experience KIVOLEX has the technical know how to organize best elective programs an Internship for Western Students. Our Tanzania Medical elective programs has seen thousands of students attended hence we have the experienced need and we have leant a lot from this Experience. Sign up today and make a history by joining one of the leading Student elective and Internship Organizing Institution.

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